The Pite Saami Lexicography Project

The Pite Saami Lexicography Project

This project was completed with the publication of Pitesamisk ordbok samt stavningsregler (Pite Saami Dictionary and Orthography) in October 2016. It can be ordered here. The following is intended as a documentation of the project.

The goal of this project is twofold:
1. to create lexicographically sound, multilingual unidirectional dictionary resources based on the Pite Saami wordlist collected by the project Insamling av pitesamiska ord between 2008 and 2012 by Nils-Henrik Bengtsson, Marianne Eriksson, Inger Fjällås, Eva-Karin Rosenberg, Gry Helen Sivertsen, Valborg Sjaggo, Dagny Skaile and Peter Steggo, as well as
2. to create a set of orthographic rules for the Pite Saami language, written in a non-academic way for use by the language community.

In the dictionary, Pite Saami headwords will indicate grammatical information (such as consonant gradation and umlaut patterns, part of speech, etc.) and be provided with at least Swedish and in many cases Norwegian and/or English translation equivalents. The current, working version of the database is available online at A paper version of the dictionary inclduing the orthographic rules will appear as Volume 2 in the Series Samica in summer 2016, but in the meantime a pdf of the current working version is available by clicking here (in Swedish).

Financial support from January through June 2016 is provided by a grant from the Saami Parliament of Norway and Duoddara Ráfe Pite Saami Center.
Further financial support for publication of the print version comes from Arjeplog Municipality.

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