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Pitesamisk ordlista • Pite Saami Word List

This web-based version of the Pite Saami lexical database is mainly based on a collection of Pite Saami words from the project Insamling av pitesamiska ord (2008-2012; Nils-Henrik Bengtsson, Marianne Eriksson, Inger Fjällås, Eva-Karin Rosenberg, Gry Helen Sivertsen, Valborg Sjaggo, Dagny Skaile & Peter Steggo) with some additions and extensive editing by Joshua Wilbur; thanks also to Olve Utne for many corrections and additions.

A thorough, lexicocraphically sound selection of words from this list and a set of spelling rules was published in October 2016 as Pitesamisk ordbok samt stavningsregler (volume 2 of the series Samica). A website with the spelling rules can be found here (in Swedish).

See the Pite Saami Lexicography Project for more information, or contact psdp(at) with questions and feedback.

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