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Pitesaami orthography workshop
at the workshop "Orthography and Language Technology: Opportunities and Challenges for Pite Saami"
standing (from left to right): Elsy Rankvist, Marianne Eriksson, Nils-Henrik Bengtsson, Inger Fjällås, Dagny Skaile; kneeling: Joshua Wilbur
Árjepluovve (the Pite Saami name for the town Arjeplog)
Joshua Wilbur and Dagny Skaile at work transcribing a recording
Henning Rankvist and Elsy Rankvist relaxing after a recording session
reindeer roundup at Vilstugan
recording Pite Saami in use during one of the autumn reindeer roundups
an old Pite Saami hut at Lake Iggesjávvre