14:00–16:00 (c.t.)
Belfortstraße 16
Room 3005

The Freiburg Research Group in Saami Studies

Saami Research Colloquium

WS 2014/15

Version from 16/10/2014


This research colloquium is part of our research group and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning a variety of topics relevant to Saami studies. This includes discussions relevant to the research group, formal and informal presentations of current projects as well as relevant invited talks. Students writing their final thesis (BA, MA or PhD) or completing an internship on a relevant topic are welcome to present their projects in this colloquium as well.

Participation in the colloquium is open to anyone interested. Depending on the presenter and the topic, English or German will be the main languages of communication.


SEMESTER PLAN (subject to revision or updating as needed)

Date Topic Presenter Comments
22.10.2014 Documentary Sociolinguistics of Izhva-Komi diaspora varieties Niko Partanen Presentation of PhD Project
29.10.2014 tba projektinterne Diskussion
05.11.2014 Linguistics goes Biology (and back): Modeling Micro- and Macroevolution of Saamic language varieties Michael Rießler Vortrag im Rahmen des Biologischen Forschungskolloquiums Evolution & Ökologie (Bibliothek der Abteilung für Biometrie und Umweltsystemanalyse, Tennenbacher Str. 4, Raum 03.060)
12.11.2014 Sollte Älvdalisch, wie Meänkieli, als eine regionale Minderheitensprache in Schweden anerkannt werden? Annika Hartwik Presentation of B.A. Project
Room 1131 (KG I)
Post-predicate goals in Northern Kurdish and neighbouring languages: A pilot study in quantitative areal linguistics (on Kurdish and Saamic varieties) Hanna Thiele Presentation PhD Project
26.11.2014 Applying regression analyses in corpus-based sociolinguistic research Übung
03.12.2014 Projektbesprechung intern
10.12.2014 Pite Saami Syntactic Structures Joshua Wilbur Presentation/Discussion about a funding proposal
17.12.2014 Christmas break
07.01.2015 Projektbesprechung intern

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