The workshop is intended to give PhD students affiliated with the Freiburg Research Group in Saami Studies the chance to present and discuss their research projects in an informal, productive setting.

External participants are welcome, but please contact us first so we can make changes to the venue if needed.


Day 1 (Wednesday, 20 July) - PRESENTATIONS
Time Presenter/s Topic
10:00 Michael Rießler, Joshua Wilbur
Universität Freiburg
10:15 Hanna Thiele
Universität Freiburg
Reference grammars as micro-corpora
11:15 Lena Sell, Lena Terhart
Universität Leipzig
Language documentation in the Bolivian lowlands (A grammatical description of Paunaka and analysis of language contact and exchange of knowledge using the case of plant names and usage)
13:00 Lunch break
15:00 Evgeniya Zhivotova
Universität Leipzig
Function words in a situation of language contact (Bystraya Ėven and Russian)
16:00 Niko Partanen
Universität Hamburg
Workflows for language documentation based on collaborative infrastructure and open tools (Download the handout here or see the html version here)
17:00 Dinner break
18:30 Evening entertainment (End-of-the-Semester Party on the roof terrace of the Departement of Scandinavian Studies - top floor of building KG III)
Day 2 (Thursday, 21 July) - TUTORIALS
10:00 - open end... Topics:


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